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Driving Lessons

Lessons can be taken in 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr

durations to suit your needs.

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are available for those

who wish to learn more quickly or for

those who need corrective training after

just failing a driving test. Courses of 10,

20, 30 or 40 hours are available and can be taken

in 2hr durations, daily if required, to suit your needs.

  1. 10 hour course: Suitable for those who are near to

  test or those who need corrective training after just failing a test.

  1. 20 hour course: Suitable for those who have already learnt all the maneuvers and     

  need to prepare for test.

  1. 30 hour course: Suitable for those who have had a little experience and have basic

  control of a vehicle.

  1. 40 hour course: Suitable for the complete novice.

Mock Tests

A mock test can be taken prior to your actual practical driving test. It will give you an insight to what the test will be like and also highlight any faults that may need to be improved upon.

Refresher Courses

A refresher course is aimed at the qualified driver who, for whatever reason, feel they need to brush up on their driving skills and/or gain more confidence on the road.

Motorway Lessons

A 2 hour motorway lesson can be taken after passing your practical test. It will give you valuable experience of the rules and regulations of motorway driving but more importantly it allows you to experience motorway driving, for the first time, in a safe environment with a qualified instructor sitting next to you.

Pass Plus Courses

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers, with no test at the end. Your instructor will evaluate your driving during the course and mark you on the level of skill and understanding that you achieve. It aims to improve your driving skills and make you a Safe Driver for Life. Taking a pass plus course can also significantly reduce your insurance premiums.